Does your home inspector use an Thermal imaging camera?

       If not they may not be telling you the whole story about your new home

Infrared Thermal imaging cameras can only sense temperature, as opposed to the human eye or conventional cameras which see only light.  Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects, every material has a unique signature and when heat cold or moisture is introduced into the building structure the thermal signature changes.  Based on those temperatures, It is a visible image using certain infrared wavelengths. This state of the art imaging technique is a powerful and noninvasive means of monitoring and diagnosing some building conditions. The areas that are suspected of have moisture are verified using an noninvasive moisture meter. Thermography allows one to see the different variations in temperature Those variations in temperature form images which makes it look like an X-ray of the object. But it is not X-ray it is the camera composing an image using different variation of temperature.

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